flow a1

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flow a1

Something to go with

A 2cp guardian map with a flimsy waterwheel for the Guardian Dynamica contest
Uses Startacker's star1 pop file, edited to auto collect money.
First release
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Latest reviews

My first time walking around the map the layout confused me, I was unsure why there was a platform in an area that the bots never seemed to go to.

Without spoiling anything, It didn't take me long to revise my opinion. A map with a unexpected twist and an accompanying "a-ha!" moment is one that deserves to be applauded.

All this said, the dynamic element didn't seem to reset properly unless waves were failed, making the next capture comparatively awkward, and the waves overall were significantly brutal. I think the popfile could use decreased damage on the scouts, and airblast disabled pyros (alwaysfire works as well). Holding the last felt very difficult due to the environment being fairly barren, and so there being very limited cover to use to player's advantage. I think after the dynamic element if there was a longer winding path the robots have to take the last would feel more satisfying, perhaps have them go up to the platform then down the stairs over to the point, and give the spawn high ground over the last for a clutch hold.

Overall a neat map, definitely an idea that could go somewhere!