Flood A4

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Flood A4

Flash Flood Warning

Yep, I made it back somehow!

Flood is a semi-return to my old design of Arena maps, very compact. Though I've also decided to include the multiple path design of most other Arena maps, resulting in a pretty dense map with a bit of a learning curve to it.

The point building starts locked, making players battle around the outside of the map, but when 60 seconds are up, the point building and a flank route below it all open up, leading to a tangle of pathways around.
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Latest updates

  1. Slow down, Speed up

    New version of Flood, this one focuses on the maps pacing a bit. Changelog: - Moved Spawns back, and added a new room that splits teams towards the two halves of the map. - Added a connector between the side building and the health kit lane -...
  2. Names the change, changes the game

    Well, that was a much better test than I expected. Regardless I have a name to change, and changes to name. Changelog: - Changed the name from Sunset to Flood - Changed the theme from Alpine to Stormy Alpine - Added a barrier to the high...