Five (abandoned) RC1


  1. minor

    Cynder loves Portal
    Fixed a lot of texture and missing models.

    The elevator to level 3 safety forcefeilds are functioning properly.
  2. "You're kidding. You're kidding, right?"

    Cynder loves Portal
    In this updaTE:

    *New lobby layout
    *more vent access to War room
    *meeting room layout fixed
    *new textures for new monitors
    *a few ambient sounds fixed.
  3. update

    Cynder loves Portal

    * Two easter eggs added
    * Team teleport destination is protected by a forcefeild.
    * vent access to the War room.


    * logic errors
    * minor lockdown relay glitch fixed.
  4. Fixes

    Cynder loves Portal
    Fixed a minor teleporter and portal issue.
  5. minor

    Cynder loves Portal
    Minor changes:

    Each team has it's own spawn area linked by portals.
  6. Warning. Breach Detected on Level 3. Initate security Protocol 115

    Cynder loves Portal
    Props added an a few minor fixes.

    Cynder loves Portal
    just finished to the basement. walkway. Just need to add the railings and a few props.