Festive Payload Cart

Festive Payload Cart v4

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Festive Payload Cart v4

A payload cart filled with presents

A little bit out of season, but hey.

Please credit me if you use this :)
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Better Materials, Fancy lights and another LOD

    Updated to include fancy christmas lights, Fixed materials and an extra LOD to help cut down on that polycount.
  2. Smoothing and Lod Fixes

    Smoothing and Lod Fixes
  3. Red Version Added

    I was an Idiot and forgot to add the red skin, so here it is

Latest reviews

Alternative festive payload model replacement for regular cart. Slightly smaller but will do the trick. Has 3 different color variations, suits for payload and payload race maps.

Tested it, used it and it does the trick that i wanted ingame.