Farmstead rc4

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First release
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Latest updates

  1. Release Candidate 4

    - Updated finale detailing - Added a new door in the A-B connector building
  2. Release Candidate 3

    - Added stairs up from first point into the brick building. Another aid to blue, hopefully most games should no longer end in this building. This is combined with a few other changes... - Added a door behind these new stairs to the flank around...
  3. Release Candidate 2

    - Right flank for blue after A point now no longer cuts through the building, but rather offers a way to the upper level free from interference from Red - Red's access to the balcony overlooking A has been moved back further in the building...

Latest reviews

Excellent Map Love the theming of granary with payload. the last point especially is very well done and i love how the ground opens up to expose the hidden spy tech area, i would love for this to be added officially, not many maps try to fit along sit the original 6 maps
Extraordinarily fun. Gameplay, especially on the last point, is vaguely reminiscent of Badwater, but the map is much more open and a whole lot freer. Looks-wise... well, this is Freyja we're talking about. I don't need to tell you it's god-tier. Also, the last point's most defining feature is just such a wonderful touch perfectly in line with TF2. This could be in the game. This SHOULD be in the game.
Love this map! Had a blast playing it against some bots and the scenery and stuff looks awesome! Especially loved the final checkpoint. Definitely caught me off guard.
farmland is one of my favourite themes