Euclid A4

5cp etc etc

  1. A4: Valley changes and other stuff

    -Redid valley rock to be what you see in the screenshots
    -Attempted to make demo rollouts slower by rearranging the ramp in house to point the other way but still allow some maneuvering onto it from the opposite side. Not sure how much "slower" it makes the rollout but it does require an extra sticky to make it "fast"
    -Adjusted the heights of some doorways in house
    -Made all spawn times longer
    -Changed minor cover around the containers at second to make more sense and block weird...
  2. A3a feedback (technically)

    Note: These changes are not absolute, as they are based from feedback not generated by any matches, scrims, etc. However, I think that this version is probably superior to A3 in most ways.

    -Fixed holes in blocks with skybox brushes on them (rendering between areas is still a problem, will fix eventually)
    -Redid the tiny shack thing in valley to be a raised platform favoring attackers (ie, ramp up to it favors attackers). It makes jumping through the valley more open and gives...
  3. A3: New name, many changes, first version to be posted on

    -Redid the two-shutter entrance to last lobby to not need shutters
    -Added several new instances of cover near aforementioned area, last lobby, and the upper on last (where the remaining shutter leads to) to block or nerf weird sightlines
    -Slightly shrunk the aforementioned shutter between last and last lobby to further nerf weird sightlines
    -Added computer near the upper spawn exit on last to reduce dead space
    -Added some crates just beside the upper area on last behind the point...
  4. A2 Tweaks

    -Widened mid, it was too smol
    -Altered the balconies at mid to be shorter and change the direction of the ramp. This should make it flow better, especially with people coming out of the forward spawns at mid.
    -Added an awning above the doors of the forward spawns at mid
    -Widened the choke leading from the big mound at second to the balcony at mid. Also added a small slanted roof that can be jumped on by all classes and an extra (tiny) passageway that allows classes to cut corners...