Escarpment rc

Single-Staged Payload

  1. Freyja
    Now with 76% more alpine

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    My entry to TF2maps's 7th Major contest, "Dynamic" payload.

    A payload map, obviously. I'm trying to keep it simple on the dynamic elements. Roll forward and back zones, as well as a log that is on the track, but will be picked up and moved before the cart can continue.

    Set in a subtropical alpine zone, Blue's task is to blow up the moon by hijacking red's teleporting ray gun, hidden away in an inconspicuous logging building.

    Winner of:
    "God damnit you're such a fast mapper Aly" award.

    Looking good like it should!™

    Special thanks to:

    A Boojum Snark, whose entity smarts and resource library stopped this map from crumbling into a mess.
    AyesDyef, whose expert modelling skills redefined the doomsday device. (Soon)
    Vincent, who gave me some of the most comprehensive feedback ever.
    Void, whose texturing super powers helped pretty up this map.
    VFIG, who did what valve was too lazy to do.
    Frozen, who gave me much feedback and never stopped to complain about my speed.
    English Mobster, who also gave me lots of feedback.
    AngryAngus, who, like the other before him, gave me solid feedback.
    WastedMeerkat, who took the time to even do paintovers for me.
    Jim Guthrie, whose music motivated me for the days of solid, non-stop mapping.
    Jeremy Soule, who did similar.

    Full changelog can be found here.


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Recent Reviews

  1. FunkEdge
    Version: rc
    brilliant map with interesting gameplay features! love to see in game
  2. Nero
    Version: rc
    Beautiful, but has flawed elements, long sight lines into spawn and a cart-stopping bug.
  3. Severia Zezt
    Severia Zezt
    Version: rc
    It looks like a fun map. Big, spacious, choke-points and flank routes. But I find a map-breaking bug near log that blocks the way.

    If Blue is pushing the cart, even after the log lifts, the cart won't move.

    Blue has to retreat/get off the cart and come back so they can push it.

    So if you play the map with bots who stay on the cart no matter what, red seems to always win.
  4. Yellow
    Version: rc
    While the map is visually beautiful and has a few nice choke points to fight in, it has some really bad flaws, unfortunately. The main flaw is sight lines, this map has a ridiculous amount of ridiculous sight lines that allow snipers to shut down the enemy team with ease. There is even a sight line that allows snipers to head shot the attacking team in their own spawn at the very start. The map needs much more cover and more routes that aren't super long or super out of the way.

    Personally, as a sniper main, I absolutely adore this map, but I like it for the wrong reason: being absolutely overpowered.