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Epiphany A2

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In an effort to make the point easier to take, opens up the 'house' overlooking the point and removes all blockers from the set piece. In their place, I have changed the set piece into something that I am informed is called a 'nipple point.'

Complete changes:
  • Opened up the house overlooking the point. Raised the north purple and orange secret routes so they do not require a jump to get up.
  • Removed barriers around capture point. Added a central spire to cap zone. This can block sightlines and certain classes can climb on top. Also removed the south barriers, making the pit potentially more dangerous.
  • Changes setpiece south full health pack to a full ammo pack. Ammo packs along the south ridge are changed to small health packs.
  • Closed up central building across from the point. Generally made the barriers separating the battlements to the main approach wider
  • Removed height from the central path building. It was too annoying. I may put some of it back in later versions.
  • Decorated north building to distinguish it more from the south building
  • Replaced arrow overlays with brushes. Complain and I'll replace something else.