El Dorado a4


  1. a4 update

    update notes

    - made mid area bigger and added some (hopefully) actual cover
    - added displacements in all outside areas
    - removed a room inside the temple area
    - reworked the balconies and the rooms leading to them
    - removed the tiny walkway on the building on the opposite site of the temple
    - removed the tiny hallway that connected main with the outside path to the point
    - Couldn't resist to add some detail
    - actually has some gold now
  2. update to a3

    update notes:
    - made the inside route to the point more spacious
    - changed main route from a straight path to an inside area with stairs
    - the courtyard is a bit bigger now
    - increased distance between spawn and point a little bit

    the map hopefully has more 'places to be' now. where before the only places to be were the point and the area with the tree.