Edinbruh A3

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-Adjusted spawn times
-Adjusted packs in some places
-B castle wall now has a roof over it with walls to prevent BLU players that get on top from bullying RED's spawn exit too hard
-C now has a fuckin chandelier can you believe it guys christmas is just a week away
-Extra room on the flank to D that spits BLU players out closer to the cart than the other flank exit
-Fuckin I don't even rember i am losing it i cant im d

-Added battlements signs throughout to highlight certain areas
-Adjusted health and ammo throughout
-Adjusted environment lighting I think? I can't remember lol
-Added small rollback zone just before the point
-Turned the weird red brush over the point into a pipe wrapping through the farmhouse and nearby storage building for better sightline/jump blocking
-Removed a crate in the farmhouse to give more freedom of movement
-Redid shit shacks in the village area to be a single shack most easily accessible via the roof of the farmhouse's porch
-Boarded up the windows of the second floor of the farmhouse to make BLU activity up there less visible to RED
-Tower that grants BLU quick access to RED's castle defenses now blocked by doors before A is capped; these doors open slowly when A is capped
-Tried to make RED's quick access to the aforementioned wall defenses more visible by widening the entrance to the tower
-Adjusted balconies to give both RED more avenues of defense and BLU more freedom of movement upstairs
-Geometry just outside the shared forward spawn adjusted to more easily guide BLU players to D
-Adjusted geometry of the turbine flank to make outranging sentries from the exit of the room impossible; as compensation, the exit door is larger

-I don't remember what else I did lmao
-Adjusted env light color and brightness to be more orange and less pink for better team recognition
-Fixed broken second forward spawns for BLU (forward spawn entities were set to RED on accident
-Moved some packs at A closer to the point to help defense
-Added a stickyjumper blocker over A
-Gave all the points proper names (Farm House, Castle Drawbridge, Dining Room, Rocket Silo)
-some other shit idk