1. April Fools 2018 Edition

    Another Bad Pun
    s o s
    you're under
  2. cp event

    Another Bad Pun
    it's a halloween themed control point map now 20171210154142_1.jpg
  3. arena_dog3_rc6

    Another Bad Pun
    it's different now
  4. arena_dog3_rc5

    Another Bad Pun
  5. arena_dog3_rc4

    Another Bad Pun
    Sorry for the update

    -Removed Teleport Healing
    +3D skybox changes
  6. Dog3_rc3

    Another Bad Pun
    -Spawn Location Changes
    -Enhanced Secrets
    -Captime Adjustments
  7. arena_dog3_rc2

    Another Bad Pun
    Here we go! This is probably the last version of Dog3.

    Changes -
    +Switching dimensions now gives varying degrees of health
    +New additions to Minecraft Mid - Including Health, Bridges, and Sandtraps
    +Large detailing and lighting changes
    +Texture Fixes
    +Cap Time is now longer
    +Hidden PM Message Blackmail
  8. arena_dog3_72b

    Another Bad Pun
    It's now 2cp arena
    hopefully the crashing is fixed as well
  9. arena_dog3_72a

    Another Bad Pun
    I'm doing it for the imp