72hr Diva a9

Bumper kart clusterfuck

  1. Final

    Diva Dan
    • Removed stupid half pipes
    • Added stalemate at 3 minutes
    • New event: bombs
    • -Bombs are activated 30 seconds after the water rises
    • Speed boosts
    • Better water
    Thank you all very much for your feedback. I think I have tackled just about all of it (other than ramps in the middle because they are too hard to work with).
  2. bad

    Diva Dan
    a7 was a mistake

    respawn times are 99999
  3. better

    Diva Dan
    made it better (error in a6 meant no one could win unless the winner killed themselves)

    now implements arena logic
  4. a6

    Diva Dan
    • No more hhh
    • water rises instead for event
    • spectating is better
    • cant kill spectators
    • spectators die when a winner is chosen
    • cubemaps
    • a lot of annoying shit is fixed i guess
  5. skipped a4 bc i changed a lot

    Diva Dan
    • No more cracks between the road and side pipes
    • brighter ambient (hydro)
    • HHH spawns after 90 seconds (doesn't move yet but still attacks)
    • added func_respawnroom
    • added more movement for ghosts
    • players joining mid-game are no longer killed, placed in a spectator plane
    • 3D skybox. simple for now, just more clouds
  6. making it good

    Diva Dan
    • Smoother arena
    • Can no longer revive teammates
    • Spells automatically override each other
    • Night sky