distillation a3

fire brrrrr

  1. a3 - update

    whats new?
    • widened the area behind the jumppad a bit
    • added a jumppad in the lobby to allow for easy rotations between the areas
    • extended wall in front of main spawn door out to give more space
    • made an ammopack at the jumppad route larger
    • minor detailing and texturing
    • added a single soundscape
    • minor changes
    thanks to all the playtesters!
  2. a2 - update

    whats new?
    • the map has been renamed from "zythe_mc17" to "distillation"!
    • put leezo into the map
    • made it so you cant get stuck on the doorframes in spawn anymore
    • blocked sightline through main route
    • lowered the boiler and hopefully made it more obvious you can stand on it
    • removed shutter on main route, now its 2 doors facing eachother with a wall where the shutter was to break sightlines, hopefully this makes it more comfortable to push through
    • added...
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