Digsite A3.2

Duke it out near an abandoned Australium dig site!

  1. Lazlo
    A King of the Hill map that'll periodically be updated as I go along. While I have a thematic and aesthetic goal in mind, I will ensure constant testing to balance and tweak the gameplay of the map the further it is developed.

    Compared to my previous attempt at a KOTH map with Apollo, which was extremely restrictive and linear, I've chosen to go for a much more non-linear route, and give players different routes to their objective.


    An abandoned Australium mine in the middle of nowhere. RED and BLU were sent to intercept one another and claim whatever might be left for their bosses, starting with the entrance to the mine itself.


    1. koth_digsite_a20001.jpg
    2. koth_digsite_a20000.jpg
    3. koth_digsite_a20002.jpg
    4. koth_digsite_a20003.jpg
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    6. koth_digsite_a20005.jpg

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