Asym2 Dereggub a3

My other Asymmetric Boogaloo entry

  1. pl_dereggub_a3

    * remade RED's first forward spawn
    * removed RED's second forward spawn
    * moved resupply cabinets in BLU first spawn to a more convenient location
    * increased the amount of health & ammo pickups
    * lowered setup time from 75s to 70s
    * fiddled with spawn times
    * cactus
  2. pl_dereggub_a2

    * moved red's first forward spawn somewhere else which hopefully guides them toward the first point better
    * also lowered their initial spawn time to make up for the new spawn being a bit further away
    * tightened up the route between C and last a tad
    * fixed the wooden shed next to C having no collisions
    * fixed red's second forward spawn locking people in
    * increased setup time from 1:10s to 1:15s
    * clipping improvements
    * misc layout changes
    * cactus