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degroot_fort_pa1 2015-12-30

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degroot_fort_pa1 2015-12-30

A medieval map under heavy development.

degroot_fort is a medieval mode map with a yet undetermined gamemode, though I'm rooting for either 3cp like Degroot Keep or with simply no objective like dm_duel.

Basically, RED has a fortress in the forest, BLU is attacking, much akin to degroot_keep though I plan to add many more features, one idea that I haven't yet scrapped is making it 5cp, slightly reminiscent of dm_vikings, and I might include cannons as well!

This is my first map, which is why it is terrible, but hopefully over time I can improve this map, or maybe use it as a "training wheel" for a much more interesting and complex map in the future.

If you have gone into this map and have any good screenshots of it, please give me a thing to copy/paste so I can include it in this thread.
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