Decker Props Pack 1.0

Made by Vig

  1. Vig
    This pack contains 65 props I created for ctf_laynedecker
    Inside the pack you'll find the models, and textures source needed in order for them to work (vtf, vmt, mdl ect)
    The original working files are available upon request send me an email vig_ at hotmail dot com (.max, .obj, .psd ect)

    *indicates the prop has multi-player physics applied.
    [​IMG]BunkA, B, C, D, Teddybear
    [​IMG]Cafe seat
    [​IMG]Cafe holder*
    [​IMG]Cafe table
    [​IMG]Cafe bottle*
    [​IMG]Cargo Container Open
    [​IMG]Cargo Container harness
    [​IMG]Conveyor Belt, Left 90, Left 180, right 90, right 180
    [​IMG]Dive Helmet*
    [​IMG]Dive Room Hatch
    [​IMG]Dive Sub
    [​IMG]Dock PilingA
    [​IMG]Electrical Box
    [​IMG]F4u wings up
    [​IMG]Fish boxA
    [​IMG]Fish Pallet Large
    [​IMG]Tug Boat
    [​IMG]Turret small


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Recent Reviews

  1. Alfonziak OK
    Alfonziak OK
    Version: 1.0
    crane finaly just what I need it
  2. salvatore1
    Version: 1.0
    it is very well done it the props look very good