Dawn B1

What's worse than waking up early? Getting into a gun fight probably.

  1. Unpolished Detail


    This update is big, but still unpolished. The map isn't quite RC material yet, and still needs more visual flair and some bug-fixing. No Cubemaps or 3D Skybox yet, and BLU side looks a bit empty in some areas.

    Change Log:

    - Added cover in the Ravine

    (This makes Sniping noticeably weaker from the Pit, and from the Hallway)

    - Removed the room near pit that opened up with the point

    (Nobody used it, and the second route to the catwalk really killed it's usefulness)

  2. The Beckoning

    Probably gonna push this into Beta soon, but before then here is a rather minor update.

    Change Log:

    - Added a ramp to get to the catwalk from the ravines

    (This simply reduces the time it takes to get to the catwalks.)

    - HEAVILY detailed RED's side of the map


    1. 20170629181217_1.jpg
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    5. 20170629181249_1.jpg
  3. Paths Of Life

    Another mid-sized update

    Change Log:

    - Added a new route from the building by the pit to the mid bridges

    (The only ways to get to the point were all in the back of the map, this route adds a slightly longer way to get to the bridge from the pit area)

    - Added trigger_push brushes to the rock and cover by spawn

    (Snipers quickly found out how to abuse the cover I added in A4, this should bring them back to reality)

    - Added fog
    - Added detail around the map, and took some away from the...
  4. Widespread Changes

    A lot of changes all around the map.

    Change Log:

    - Added a fence to the Sniper Lane between the 2 spawns.
    (This change is so that players have an easier time knowing when they are safe from a headshot, and also reduces the power of the lane.)

    - Swapped the positions of the Small Health Kit and the Medium Ammo Kit.
    (The SHK room was too easy to camp before, so this makes the SHK more of a risk to go to with its now nearby death pit.)

    - Added a small staircase that acts as a...
  5. The Goodification

    HOLY SHIT did I change a fucking lot for this version, mostly because its a brand new map.

    Change Log:

    - COMPLETELY remade the map


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