Dawn B1

What's worse than waking up early? Getting into a gun fight probably.

  1. Unpolished Detail


    This update is big, but still unpolished. The map isn't quite RC material yet, and still needs more visual flair and some bug-fixing. No Cubemaps or 3D Skybox yet, and BLU side looks a bit empty in some areas.

    Change Log:

    - Added cover in the Ravine

    (This makes Sniping noticeably weaker from the Pit, and from the Hallway)

    - Removed the room near pit that opened up with the point

    (Nobody used it, and the second route to the catwalk really killed it's usefulness)

    - Detailed the FUCK out of the map
    - Added markers for the pickups around the map
    - Removed clips that obstructed rocket jumps
    - Changed the Control Point Name
    - Fixed uneven textures on the Control Point room doors. (Thanks Darren, you don't smell bad now)
    - Added Soundscapes


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