Curio A3

A dusty city centre in the desert.

  1. Version A3

    - Tore out and redid mid. Probably isnt perfect, but hopefully it's better.
    - Moved some areas and routes closer together.
    - Removed a bypass route to focus players a bit more.
    - Some small changes to other routes and cover.
    - Changed appearance of windows over intel to make it clearer they can be shot through.
    - Added a window from one attackers' one-way route onto defenders' highground platform, to help attackers taking that route not have to dive in blind.
    - Shortened respawn wave time...
  2. Version A2

    - Removed flank route that bypasses mid - nobody seemed to use it.
    - Fixed borked logic! I'd messed it up while find-replacing when I copied the blu side over to the red side. Overtime and win calculation should now work reliably.
    - Changed appearance of one-way doors to more clearly indicate direction and locking.
    - Changed dropdown door behaviour to work properly with multiple players going down at once.
    - Various geometry and texture changes.
    - Fixed some symmetry inconsistencies.
    - Added...