ctf_sealed b1

My first take on ctf

  1. Intel room balanced, started texturing, added alarms, only 1 door closes when intel is picked up

    -Started adding textures and details
    -A lot more but i cant remember anything
  2. Update after second playtest and some general updates

    -Completely reworked spawns
    -Changed sky back to 2Fort (People said Upward was too bright)
    *2Fort sky is only temporary
    -Added more signs
    -Added clipping for all the railing
    -Changed position of pickups
    -Added stairs from airlock to second floor
  3. Fixing few minor bugs, remaking skybox

    -Fixed few minor bugs
    -New skybox (upward)
    -Finally learned how to compress
    -Starting optimization
  4. Fixed few thing after the playtest

    -Outside of bases are team colored
    -Signs have been added
    -Train updated
    -Bridges over train tracks now close and open
    -Closed the worst sightline
    -Added a new exit from vent room

    *Waiting for second playtest to update further