72hr ctf_catwalk indev

Linear CTF Map

  1. Zack
    This is the Red half of a CTF map that I worked on for the 72hr Winter Jam

    It's meant to feature Red & Blue bases in a symmetrical rotation type map, with one central street bridge connecting the bases and a "catwalk" under it as an alternative route to either base. There is also a moving truck that will kill players on collision and another trigger_hurt under the bridge.

    There are plenty of errors as I was trying to upload something before the time limit. Known errors are unpacked models, textures, skybox issues and theres no proper boundaries at the moment.

    I used A Boojum Snark's resource pack
    The Van Model from the Construction Pack (not packed)
    The Vending Machine from Bulletcrops pack (not packed)


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