Cruise B2

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As you might be able to tell from the update title, I'm excited to be working on this again.

- Continued artpass. Mainly on BLU's side. Did not get as far as I wanted to this version.
- Added a rudimentary skybox. Will improve in future version
- Slightly reworked capture area to be more rectangular
- Shoehorned in some Frontline! assets
- Repacked the map.
- Compiled with all the fancy setting the cool kids use to make their maps look nice.
- Other misc. changes I've forgotten. (It's been half a year cut me some slack.)
I swear, every time I'm sure this map is good, there's another error. Luckily, I'm pretty sure It's all solved now.


- Fixed RED spawn doors opening for BLU players
- Fixed BLU players spawning in RED's spawn
- Added Spawnroom Visualizers to RED spawn
- Changed the skin of the handrail props in the middle office
Here's the correct version of the newest Cruise map
If you have a "koth_cruise_b1" in your files already, it's an old version I like to refer to as "Alpha 11.5". Anyway, here's the changelog!

"That texture application makes zero sense whatsoever."
- Zed

-Started artpass phase

- Added barbed wire fences to the sides of each team's garage path. Be careful around the top, that barbed wire is gonna hurt!
- Added a few more custom textures and props.
- Added an additional resupply cabinet to each team's spawnroom

- Changed the skybox to sky_well_01. May change back if not wanted
- Turned a few brush from a func_brush entity to a normal batch of brushes so stickies would stick to them
- Fixed much of the wonky geometry
- Reworked spawnrooms. They are now more open and less over-scaled.

- Reduce the large healthkit near mid to a medium healthkit
- Reduced some large sight lines by adding some random detailing. Will expand upon this further in B2
- Removed the random clipping and platform next to each team's lower exit.

- Many of the Tom Cruise cutouts have exited the main facility and are waiting outside. They seem to be planning and regrouping for something.
"unlimited monster munch"
- Corvatile

- Removed the pillars on mid. Replaced them with metal_barrier02.mdl
- Added some crates and detailing in the small room under the cap, to mark it as storage
- Turned around the Tom Cruise cutout in storage, as people were confusing it with a player (How?)
- Changed the full ammopack infront of the center building with a full healthkit
- Reverted some textures
- Reworked the geometry of the lower level of the middle office to make it more like the level above it.
- Replaced the orange bridges in the offices with pipes. It may look wonky, but it has the same collision as the original brushes.
- Disabled colission on the "Control Point" signs on each team's offices
- Added caution tape around the control point
-Extended the door triggers by 24hu on each side so they would open sooner
- Speed up door opening speed by 50hu
- Turned some unnessisary func_details into world brushes
- Retexured some playerclips into blockbullets. You can rocket jump up stairs now.
- Reworked the middle office's balcony to discourage Snipers.
- Rplaced most of the displacements with ramps. The one behind the cap is staying.
- Removed, re-arranged, and changed healthpacks.
- Textured a lot. Maybe too much.
- Added a few decorative pillars to the cover section of the cap building.
- Removed the nucleus-like energy core over the point. It will be returned if requested


Once again, I haven't updated the pictures. I will do that soon. Hopefully.
Just kidding. This is a big one


- Added new windows to the upper level of the middle building
- Added a small concrete platform under some healthkits so they can be seen easier
- Added a shelf to the middle building (Thanks, Mudpie!)
- Added nobuilds under all the spawn doors
- Added (imho) neat-looking teslas in the empty corners of the map
- Moved a set of healthkits in the "Offices" of each team further from the wall
- Also changed patch color to team based.
- Extended the stairs from the ground to the mid building from 192 units to 256
- Re-added 3 Tom Cruise cutouts . One is easy to find, but the others are *expertly* hidden.
-They're both in the middle area, so that really narrows your seach area.
- Learned how to smooth displacements
- I put that cap point back where it came from (or so help me, so help me, so help me, and cut!)
- Turned the team's "garages" into brushes, from func_brushes (Stickes should stick now, 14bit!)
- Changed the extension ramps in the team's offices to orange "pipey-things" to allow access to other routes
- Messed with the geometry in the middle building to make it more circular and open
- Downgraded the pick-up in the cap building from a medium Healthkit and large Ammopack to just a medium Healthkit.
- Extended the capture zone to cover most of the middle-most area in the cap building.
- The area that has been excluded has been turned into cover.
"Nobody said it was easy. Nobody said it would be so hard. I'm going back to-" Alpha.


- Renamed the capture point to "T.O.M", for Total Override Machine.

- Reworked textures arond the cap point.
- Added platforms in each of the team's 'Office Buildings'. These will allow players on the lower stairs to jump to the building's 'Console Room', and vice-versa.
- Reworked the ramps and railings overlooking the cap.

- Reduced some details to orange-gridded brushes. Please give me feedback on how to detail these.
- Removed a detail room in the mid building.
- Removed the cows.

- And other changes I forgot to mention
- Added another detail area in the back of the middle building
- Temporarily re-added the exploding cows
- Added 'garages' around mid

- Reworked the cap building. It's now more open.

- Removed the sniper rooms in the team buildings, as it was used very little
Scientology doesn't even have to do with science, actually. Plus it's a cult, and no one likes cults.


- Began detailing, as I plan this to be the last alpha version.
- Cubemaps!
- Re-added the Tom Cruise cutout to celebrate the new name. @Ms. Mudpie suggested it, by the way. (The cows will come soon.)
- Added handrails to the balcony
- Added two ramps off the handrails on the balcony
- Added some windows close to the point. They don't do much, though.
- Added a few more ammo/health packs in the main team "Offices"

- Reworked some geometry on the mid building. This should allow some more room near the back.

- Removed the second console near the front entrance of the mid building. You can now grab the healthpacks!
Rushed out for the Oct. 24th Gameday. It probably won't get in, though.

Alpha 10 Changelog:

- Added some more "science"
- Added a small room behind the capture point for cover.

- De-clunky-fied the middle building's stairway
- Added/Re-arranged/Changed some ammo/health pickups
- Made the side paths the mid easily accessible from the ground
- Changed the poles in the team 'offices' to walls

- Removed an unneeded brush
- Removed the cow. Will re-add it when it's fixed (Sorry, Darren!)
- Removed most of the "-ology
- Removed the Tom Cruise cutout.
- Reworked the capture point's surrounding area a little bit.
- Redid some textures
- Removed the one-sided doors
- Goofed up lighting for one side. Will fix on next version.