Cruise B2

Another abandoned map (Framecow) I revived for the September Trilogy

  1. Alpha 14: Unlimited Monster Munch

    "unlimited monster munch"
    - Corvatile

    - Removed the pillars on mid. Replaced them with metal_barrier02.mdl
    - Added some crates and detailing in the small room under the cap, to mark it as storage
    - Turned around the Tom Cruise cutout in storage, as people were confusing it with a player (How?)
    - Changed the full ammopack infront of the center building with a full healthkit
    - Reverted some textures
    - Reworked the geometry of the lower level of the middle office to make it more like the level above it.
    - Replaced the orange bridges in the offices with pipes. It may look wonky, but it has the same collision as the original brushes.
    - Disabled colission on the "Control Point" signs on each team's offices
    - Added caution tape around the control point
    -Extended the door triggers by 24hu on each side so they would open sooner
    - Speed up door opening speed by 50hu
    - Turned some unnessisary func_details into world brushes
    - Retexured some playerclips into blockbullets. You can rocket jump up stairs now.
    - Reworked the middle office's balcony to discourage Snipers.
    - Rplaced most of the displacements with ramps. The one behind the cap is staying.
    - Removed, re-arranged, and changed healthpacks.
    - Textured a lot. Maybe too much.
    - Added a few decorative pillars to the cover section of the cap building.
    - Removed the nucleus-like energy core over the point. It will be returned if requested


    Once again, I haven't updated the pictures. I will do that soon. Hopefully.
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