Crude a3

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Crude a3

Made by Deodorant

So after filing away Sanitarium firmly under meh, I've finally decided to start working on my second ever map, this time a single stage attack/defend map with two points.

I think my sense of scaling and area design has improved somewhat since Sanitarium. My optimization skills have also grown very slightly better, though they're still far from good. I think the biggest issue will be balance between the teams; I find it really difficult to tell how much of an advantage any given design choice is going to give to either team, and with an asymmetrical map like this the imbalances can get out of control fast. I guess I'll just have to playtest it to see.

I enjoy maps with a bunch of flank routes and a bunch of height differences, so I've sone a lot of both. Hopefully the former will prevent the latter from overempowering Soldiers and the latter prevent the former from overempowering ambush classes.

The map is supposed to be set around an oil drilling facility owned by RED. I'm imagining the theme as Gorge dropped inside Egypt.
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