Cranelift A8

Made another KoTH map out of boredom.

  1. egh its another new mid

    20180219204134_1.jpg 20180219204036_1.jpg
  2. A7: It's been a long time. How have you been? I've been really busy being dead.

    Super duper pooper scooper megal ultra update (but not really because it's still in alpha lmao)

    Gameplay changes:
    -Redid mid for the 5 millionth time.
    -Changed the weird metal walls to concrete walls with team-colored hazard tape lining the top, so they don't blend in with the background too much.
    -The ramps are much simpler now, and you don't have to climb weird boxes to reach the upper computer room.
    -Said upper computer room now has a window that looks over at the enemy balcony. It...
  3. meh

    -Reworked the lobby a bit to block moar horrible sightlines
  4. After all this time? (A5)

    -Redid mid again, this time with giant new walls, simpler ramps, redone props blocking sightlines, and other changes.
    -Added pipes and vents near the sniper deck that can be walked on top of
    -Cut the main entrance to mid in half to block sightlines
    -Cut the ramp down to the lobby area in half for the same previous reason
    -Other stuff, I can't recall everything

    20161222182746_1.jpg 20161222183125_1.jpg 20161222183133_1.jpg 20161222183152_1.jpg
  5. Reworked some stuff (A4)


    -Reworked mid (again) to be less confusing and more straightforward
    -Added a flank route connecting the left-most hallway to the enemy battlements
    -Did a tiny amount of detailing (computers in the more spytechy rooms of the map)
    -Possibly more I dunno lol

    20161015142525_1.jpg 20161015142539_1.jpg 20161015142557_1.jpg 20161015142732_1.jpg
  6. Not-So Personal Fix (A3)

    I think I'll let these images do most of the talking on this one:
    20160922145848_1.jpg 20160922144802_1.jpg
    Mid was reworked a shit ton, the main corridor to Mid was raised to make ramps less steep and to make it safer to traverse by the attacking team, and some non dev textures were added just for kicks.

    And a few misc changes as well:
    -Changed and added some health packs
    -Fixed a glitchy areaportal
    -Untinted the windows at the spawns
    -Removed Herobrine
  7. Personal Fix (A2)

    While a1a of this map hasn't been tested, I thought some stuff over and decided to do another version before testing starts.


    -Added blockbullet brushes inside the door frame props so stickies can't be hidden in them
    -Added some clips to make traversing some of the smaller corridors much less annoying

    -Removed the deathpit and replaced with a lower area with generators. This should make falling off the point much less annoying and tedious, but still gives potential...
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  8. Hotfix 1

    -Made gameplay signs and metal doorway props nonsolid to fix clipping issues.