cp_zahndah a2b

A 5cp map set in-between a RED and BLU base.

  1. cp_zahndah_a2b

    tried to fix riverbed being seethrough but it didnt work, will be fixed in a3
    Removed strange brush going over wall at mid
    changed to day time (because im bad at lighting very well).
    removed all outside lighting

    Notes: Next update will be the 'uncramp' update (as dubbed by me) i will be making the map more spacious and also, i will be adding signs so that it doesn't take 5 mins to find mid!
    I know about the 2 doors to the balconies at mid that get you...
  2. cp_zahndah

    -Completely redesigned last
    -added lots flanks
    -added doorways to the balconies at mid
    -added windows in useless room above farward spawn
    -added steps at 2nd
    -made some square ponds not square (the rest will be done in a3)