cp_shipyard a4

CP attack/defense


    I have tried to address each and every issue found with a3 and the map concept as a whole, this update took very long because i had to do vast changes to the entire map.

    I have completely removed the part of the map where the red spawn previously was, the red spawn is now inside the building, removed all but 1 access to the upper floor where the C point is, that access is now very large and easy to fight within.
    I have removed the side path that led to the B point to give a clear frontline inside the building, added various balconies on the outside and made some large changes to the inside of the building.
    Blu now gets a forward spawn too as soon as they cap A and they get a route directly to the entrance of the C as soon as they cap B.
    Improved drastically the flow, now you can't get lost even if you want to.
    The C point is closed to everyone until B gets capped.
    Improved the lighting as everything seemed way too dark.

    Let's see how it goes now
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