cp_shipyard a4

CP attack/defense


    I have tried to address each and every issue found with a3 and the map concept as a whole, this update took very long because i had to do vast changes to the entire map.

    I have completely removed the part of the map where the red spawn previously was, the red spawn is now inside the building, removed all but 1 access to the upper floor where the C point is, that access is now very large and easy to fight within.
    I have removed the side path that led to the B point to give a clear frontline...
  2. Completely changed the layout of all points

    The current layour was awful, it did play very badly, so i changed COMPLETELY the layout of all the points, the A point building have been remade from scratch and the B/C points building have been completely changed in the inside, no more single big open room and no more point on the roof.
    Let's see how it goes now.
    Also it is now more optimized.
  3. Huge changelog, hopefully addressing most if not all issues found during the a1 playtest

    - Fixed top floor window not being obvious that you can't get out of it
    - Added a red spawn on the roof to easily defend C, it gets available after blue captures B
    - Removed some pillars and enlarged some doors at B to make it less cramped
    - Fixed control point platforms not showing the blue color when captured by BLU
    - Added clip ramps to the balconies right above the B point where previously was needed to jump a few units high
    - RED can no longer enter the BLU building where the...
  4. added some clipping to the stairs

    Nothing important, the map haven't been tested yet, i just added some clipping to the stairs before the first test