cp_shipyard a4

CP attack/defense

  1. Huge changelog, hopefully addressing most if not all issues found during the a1 playtest

    - Fixed top floor window not being obvious that you can't get out of it
    - Added a red spawn on the roof to easily defend C, it gets available after blue captures B
    - Removed some pillars and enlarged some doors at B to make it less cramped
    - Fixed control point platforms not showing the blue color when captured by BLU
    - Added clip ramps to the balconies right above the B point where previously was needed to jump a few units high
    - RED can no longer enter the BLU building where the spawns are
    - Replaced the large health pack at point A with a small one
    - A point bypass BLU spawn exit door is locked until BLU captures A
    - Fixed being able to jump on the top floor inside the BLU spawn
    - Removed collision of BLU spawn doors, the collision is now given only by the func_door's
    - Added lights to some dark areas
    - Smoothed the displacements outside the BLU spawn
    - Fixed RED spawn blocker being visible by the RED team
    - Clipped multiple stairs
    - Removed the ability to build on the top floor's small roofs
    - Added another route to the roof
    - Decreased the amount of props at B
    - Extended a balcony at B
    - Added signs around that show where control points are
    - Closed the holes on the roof where it was possible to shoot through
    - When BLU captures B, RED players waiting for respawn will immediately respawn at the new spawn
    - Added another exit to the first RED spawn to avoid spawncamping
    - Removed a room in the RED spawn that was there only for the looks and players couldn't enter it as that was confusing
    - Clipped wall trims where it was possible to stand on top
    - Added a shutter on the BLU spawn window
    - Moved the BLU spawn room closer to the doors
    - Added signs inside the BLU spawn that show where each exit leads to
    - Closed the circular hole on the wall at B point as it was a too long and protected sightline
    - Added glass on the windows facing the B point to make it more easily defendable
    - Changed the layout of the route from RED spawn to B point removing a big sightline
    - Added another mezzanine to the A point
    - The metal fence on the roof now spans both sides of the building
    - Added some covers in the route from BLU spawn to A point
    - Decreased the width of the flanking room in the route from BLU spawn to A point
    - Added health and ammo near the large entrance of the main building
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