cp_riverlike a6butWithRepackForFun (;

That map that none likes for some reason

  1. Jsd
    i donno.
    I have an idea, maybe I could add underwater tunnels

    I feel bad for the peapole play testing this map for some reason, maybe its because every one hates it to death.
    Battle it out next to a river
    Maybe I will change the name but probably not as seen in my other map, litehouse.
    The map is set in some sort of river town that's in Sweden.
    The map has two control points and there next to this giant river with a death pit making it "airblast hell"
    anyways here are som screenshots: riverlikepic1.png cp_riverlike_a40003.png

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  1. corpsgrinder360
    Version: a5
    It looks decent but the pink water for screenshots made me laugh water is hard for me so its all good :P