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cp_pit A5

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I decided that everything after point one was shit, so I scrapped it all. Everything.

Tunnel System
I knew I had to revamp the entire thing, so I started on the area that you go into after point one.
It's now a flat surface with a big pillar in the middle, and to the left is a doorway that leads to the spot looking down on point one's building. Obviously it would take 10+ seconds for a spy to walk up there before, and the tunnel was cramped so it would be somewhat hard to get by.

The only part I left was the one way door, since I liked it, and I made it so you can only drop down onto said flat surface, but the jump back up won't be too hard for jumping classes. There's a small cove behind the pillar with a ramp on the left side leading up to it. The right of that is the route into the building.

Leading to Second Point
The building is entered through the basement, where a tunnel will be added to sneak to near the end area much faster. You go upstairs and on the first floor is a doorway, but instead of going through it you can go left to a small loft with windows. Mainly for snipers. The one-way cave door leads into a connected area, but you can't get into it unless you go backwards or come from the door. It has a small bridge leading into the next building, which is when you approach the final point building.

Second Point Area
The final point building is a large industrial building (incomplete theme in map) and the large doorway goes onto upper area with some cover so you don'y get rekt by sentries and/or other classes. Red spawn is in front of that, and also directly below it, and a small ramp goes around under that floor and the lower Red spawn. The upper Red spawn has a spiral staircase to the immediate left (may change due to clipping issues, and looks somewhat out of place) which leads right onto the point. A smaller doorway going into the building has a ramp on the right which is opposite the spiral stairs, and the point.

First Point Area
The first area had some fences added to make Red snipers not as OP, and a small shack going into a tunnel as soon as Blue leaves spawn, and the tunnel comes out opposite the point one building, which I also remade entirely.

I skipped A4, since that was when I remade point one's building, and I know it's going to be unbalanced for a while. But I think I can make it work eventually.
I remade the entire building point one was in, and it now has a set of stairs and a small path to the doorway from the upper cliff, so that the cliff doesn't just lead to a dead end with a full health and ammo. There's a medium health and a full ammo next to the stairs, and the point is in the corner. I made the lights have an orange tint, to attract players to it, and added a big 'ol sign saying "Capture Point" on it just so everyone knows.

I added the one way door in the cave route to the barn-thing building.

Fixed point one cap time (don't even know how it was changed to 3 seconds)

Made lighting in winding cave whiter and not as warm.
I removed the doors at the back of point one and in the tunnels that opened when point one was capped, and created a brand new route that goes all the way to the red building between the river area and the last point. I'm planning on making it a one way exit to prevent Blue team from having too much of an advantage in the area.

I changed all lights in the tunnels between point one and river area to a white color so as not to attract Blue players and make them miss the first point entirely, as well as this I added a dev "Capture Zone" overlay onto the first point's building.

I removed the top pieces of the bridge so that:
1: it wouldn't immediately be recognized from 2fort, and
2: it wouldn't get in the way of the Blue team shooting at Red or vice versa

Adjusted Blue respawn waves to minimum of 4 seconds, and Red's to minimum of 6 when point one is capped.
Just put patches under health & ammo