cp_pickup A14

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More of a gap in between updates. Still need to shorten up and fix 2nd to mif, make it less maze-like.

- 2nd to mid
- Just changed around the area between 2nd and mid, fixing it up
- May have to do more fixing for 2nd-mid in future

- Just placed some signs ;)
- Added walls around mid
- Added higher route along outside of curve
- Removed steps to battlements inside of curve
GIANT Update!

- Re-did mid
- Made the map curve so it's not linear
- Added 2 areas between mid and 2nd
- Lots of other small things that came with the things above
Just some minor changes:
- Added health around 2nd
- Put patches under health and ammo
- Removed a box ;)
Big changes!
- Lengthened mid to have train place
- Gave last more view and less clutter
- Made mid outside
A7 Out!

- Added alternate ramp above 2nd
- Added small buildings at last
- Nobuilt clipped brush on train
- Removed ramps at mid

his update I really tried to make 2nd easier to defend and mid easier to take back, so I hope it works. ;)
Just a minor change.

I was running through my map and realized a door had no walls connected to it. So I fixed that.
Basically A4:

- Added 1 way door to mid