cp_minery a12

This is a old timey map with 2007 style mapping ideas, based around the theme of dustbowl

  1. cp_minery

    Oh boy these next few updates are gonna be big so yah.

    here we go

    -New 2nd point 2nd stage
    -Added forward spawn
    -Increased HDR
    -Added a ton of optimization
    -Fixed clipping
    -Changed some health pack and ammo packs
    -Updated pictures
    -Removed a one way door on 2nd point cap
    -Added 1 sec on cap times
    -Fixed navigation mesh
    -Finally got cubmaps fully working
    -Added block bullet in area
    -Fixed stickies not sticking on one of the platforms
    -Added a few more barrels
    -Some layout changes
  2. cp_minery

    well last small update for this map, next one is going to be big. Depending on how the playtest goes.

    Also First map I made with the new hammer so yay.

    -Increased all timers by 1 sec (except first point-3,4,5,6 sec for points in order)
    -Fixed Cube Maps(I hope)
    -Reduce lighting on Red spawn in first stage
    -Fixed props being in the wrong DXlevel
    -Added some new props in stage 2
    -Signs in red spawn change to blue when stage change
    -Added New sign texture
    -Fixed Some clipping
  3. cp_minery

    Hey what's new or change, well lets see.

    -Added water in 2nd stage
    -Did a better compile for lighting
    -Fixed some lighting on props
    -All cap times have been reduced to 3 sec
    -Health and ammo completely changed for 1st point and around 2nd point
    -Added No build near mining shacks
    -Fixed clipping (being able to get out of the map)
    -Fixed some reflections
    -Ammo moved around
    -Fixed Bot placements
    -Fixed doors breaking
    -2nd stage drop from spawn has a new health pack and water at the bottom to...
  4. cp_minery

    Hello, Its been a long time. Well after 9 months in development, hope it was worth the wait. Cp_minery_a9 oh yah, well side note is that after this update. Im planning on updating the 2nd stage 2nd point of course after fixing any bugs with this version.

    Also bots will work better but worse at times so that's a thing, I hope you guys enjoy !!!

    Big Changes / Fixes
    -First Cp changed completely
    -Updated Pictures
    -2 New flank routes
    -Spawn Changed
    -New lighting mechanics
    -Bot helper support...
  5. cp_minery

    Well This update is hopefully better. There no packed nav file atm since well I'm lazy xP but here are the changes


    -Added more optimization
    -Raised 2nd point, 2nd stage spawn door
    -Raised Fence surrounding the 2nd point, 2nd stage
    -Changed building levels
    -Added another spawn exit at 2nd point, 2nd stage
    -Fixed issue placing buildings in Red spawn 2nd stage
    -opened up area surrounding 2nd point, 1st stage
    -Fixed issue where bots trued to get through one way door
    -Added white...
  6. cp_minery

    yah a quick new update but just some fixes, plus I really want that overlay to be working XD


    -Fixed missing cubemaps
    -Fixed some floating props
    -Fixed bots getting stuck in places
    -Fixed bullet block
    -Fixed some clipping
    -Fixed the custom overlay
    -Added more pictures
    -updated pictures
    -packed in nav file
    -Added more signage
    -Fixed some optimization

    I believe that's it so I hope this is good even though its a small update. Hopefully I can get this map in the imp heh also I...
  7. cp_minery

    YAY, I'm back with the newest update to my map. Hope you guys enjoyed.


    -Changed some health packs
    -Fixed some clipping
    -Added new stage
    -Added some ammo
    -Fixed signage
    -Added death counter for death pit
    -Fixed some cube maps
    -Added more barrels
    -Fixed textures
    -Fixed brush work
    -Added time messages
    -Added more voice overlays
    -Added custom overlay
    -Fixed some wire clipping
    -Fixed exploitable spot
    -Added more in-depth outer areas
    -Fixed props disappearing to early
    -Fixed some...
  8. cp_minery

    Fixes and or changes

    -Added more optimization
    -Fixed some sightlines
    -Open up the 2 path ways and rear path way near 1st pint
    -Open up top path way
    -Added some clipping
    -Fixed some clipping
    -Added / Fixed some lighting
    -Added the 2ndstage connector
    -Fixed some mismatching textures
    -Made it better to see where health and ammo spawn in some areas
    -Added some height variance in tunnel
    -Added some more health and ammo packs
    -Moved some health and ammo
    -Added more detail I some places
  9. cp_minery


    -Open up Blue spawn
    -Added more detail in blue spawn
    -Added more signs
    -Moved and added health and ammo
    -Better optimization
    -Added a second death pit
    -Fixed some clipping
    -Fixed some brush work
    -Added 2 more seconds on each cap time
    -Moved some stuff on cap 1
    -Added some lighting
    -Fixed some lighting
    -Added some patches
    -Fixed a soundscape issue
    -Added a skylight is spawn(I looked at dustbowls version and redid it on mine but with the displacements in different location)...
  10. cp_minery


    -Added new Route near first point
    -Changed the First Point
    -Added some overlays
    -Added some props
    -Change some lighting
    -Fixed some clipping
    -Fixed some Z-fighting
    -Raised the roof clip
    -Clipped some roofs
    -Added some patches
    -Fix some brush work
    -Fix some textures
    -Remove some health and ammo
    -Change some health and ammo
    -Added a health pack
    -Up scaled the water texture
    -Added more sounds
    -Added 2 jump routes
    -Open up some areas
    -Fix issue when you can shoot through spawn...