cp_minery a12

This is a old timey map with 2007 style mapping ideas, based around the theme of dustbowl

  1. cp_minery

    YAY, I'm back with the newest update to my map. Hope you guys enjoyed.


    -Changed some health packs
    -Fixed some clipping
    -Added new stage
    -Added some ammo
    -Fixed signage
    -Added death counter for death pit
    -Fixed some cube maps
    -Added more barrels
    -Fixed textures
    -Fixed brush work
    -Added time messages
    -Added more voice overlays
    -Added custom overlay
    -Fixed some wire clipping
    -Fixed exploitable spot
    -Added more in-depth outer areas
    -Fixed props disappearing to early
    -Fixed some optimization
    -Fixed some collision props

    Hope I didn't missed anything but yah also, I'm back baby heh(also images will be added next update)
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