cp_minery a12

This is a old timey map with 2007 style mapping ideas, based around the theme of dustbowl

  1. cp_minery

    Fixes and or changes

    -Added more optimization
    -Fixed some sightlines
    -Open up the 2 path ways and rear path way near 1st pint
    -Open up top path way
    -Added some clipping
    -Fixed some clipping
    -Added / Fixed some lighting
    -Added the 2ndstage connector
    -Fixed some mismatching textures
    -Made it better to see where health and ammo spawn in some areas
    -Added some height variance in tunnel
    -Added some more health and ammo packs
    -Moved some health and ammo
    -Added more detail I some places
    -Added some displacements
    -Fixed nodraw being seen in places
    -Fixed places where players shouldn't be
    -Added some out of bounds zones
    -Aligned some props
    -Added/fix some props
    -Added some overlays
    -Made yard smaller
    -Added more signs
    -Added some more detail in red spawn
    -Fixed some buggy brushes
    -Fix some brushwork
    -Fix some textures
    -Fixed some z-fighting
    -Added more tracks
    -Made the tunnels feel more of a mining facility
    -Fix some places feeling very tight
    -Raised the skybox
    -Made tunnel to the right of first point higher

    I know it doesn't seem a lot but these things take time but I hope you guys and gals enjoy
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