cp_minery a12

This is a old timey map with 2007 style mapping ideas, based around the theme of dustbowl

  1. cp_minery


    -Open up Blue spawn
    -Added more detail in blue spawn
    -Added more signs
    -Moved and added health and ammo
    -Better optimization
    -Added a second death pit
    -Fixed some clipping
    -Fixed some brush work
    -Added 2 more seconds on each cap time
    -Moved some stuff on cap 1
    -Added some lighting
    -Fixed some lighting
    -Added some patches
    -Fixed a soundscape issue
    -Added a skylight is spawn(I looked at dustbowls version and redid it on mine but with the displacements in different location)
    -Removed so phys-boxes on some props
    -Added more overlays
    -Added a new route to last
    -Fixed clip box feeling to low
    -Fixed roof where someone could stand on
    -Made death pit clip ox smaller making it harder to walk on edges
    -Fixed some displacements in blue spawn
    -Added some props under a clip brush to make it feel more real
    -Fixed some texturing
    -Aligned most of the map
    -Fix sound not coming up in some areas
    -Fix seam in displacement
    -Smoothed out some areas
    -Opened up some areas
    -Made red spawn doors open faster
    -Fixed some func_detail
    -Fixed some z-fighting
    -Made stairs a little bit steeper near cap 1
    -Made some rope more jiggly
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