cp_minery a12

This is a old timey map with 2007 style mapping ideas, based around the theme of dustbowl

  1. cp_minery

    well this might be the fastest update I did but not a lot but it can be considered a lot so yah

    -Fixed unaligned textures
    -Added more detail to texture
    -Cleaned up some brush work
    -Cleaned up unused textures
    -Added more health and ammo in routes
    -Added more detail in routes
    -Merged up and bottom paths for more open-ness and flanking
    -Added more displacements
    -Fix some lighting
    -Reduce health near red spawn
    -Added more signs
    -Fix sniper sightlines
    -Added more spectator cameras
    -Re did 1 way door near B point
    -Rotated 1 way door to the side and made it wider
    -Open up path to one way door
    -Moved 4 health packs closer together
    -Removed Death pit near 4 small health pack
    -Raised clip brush higher on open areas
    -Fix clipping
    -Made it harder to walk on edge near death pit
    -Fix a lot of vis leaves
    -Fix some optimization
    -Added a few props for detail/cover
    -Fix issue getting stuck on visualizer
    -Made some brushes func_detailed
    -Added more tracks
    -Added more detail behind area B such as dirt stacks and mine carts
    -Added more overlays
    -Fix some texture shift for wood pillar
    -Moved some health and ammo around
    -Fix some health and ammo not having patches under them
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