cp_mall cp_mall_b4

A beginner's map

  1. In this version:

    Detailed spawns, a destroyed escalator, another elevator, and, Boxes!


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  2. cp_mall_b3

    For some reason it wouldn't update the file so I'm trying again
  3. cp_mall_b3

    This version contains Resupply lockers for Blu team, as well as an expanded spawn room/lobby
  4. cp_mall_b2

    Woo-hoo! updated

    Disclaimer: this is the just barely functioning version of the map: gameplay might change in future updates

    Also: I am aware of several problems, but you find one that isn't on the list please let me know!

    In blu spawn:
    Grann's gear and Guns is the third exit for blu spawn, but they have not yet been linked
    the static door in blu spawn does not meet the door frame
    overall: lighting is not complete so there may be spots where non-spies can hide in the darkness and become...