cp_ken_mc7 a3

Added a small building to hold in the middle of the area.
Added some cover and some small stairs in the gutter.
Moved forward A point to make it more intense.
Redid spawn so you can't get shot inside of it just as you spawn.
Removed the stairs up to Red's sentry spots.

Added a route that goes up directly to Red's sentry spots from B courtyard.
Blocked off the leftmost route (from Red's perspective). Opens up as a 1-way for Blue after A caps.

Added a new main route for Blue at the other side of the point courtyard from Red's one-way spawn exits.
Added a new route to the other side of the room near Red spawn. Should be good for spies getting over.
Added a crane.
Made fog not appear inside.
Moved what used to be Red's main route into a higher position. Turning it into a flank.
Moved back resupply cabinets
Removed Red's stairs up to their high ground. Requiring them to sacrifice more to jump down and defend.
Removed some cover that helped Red and added some cover that should help Blue on the Right-hand side of the room from Red's perspective. Making the new high route that used to be the main route more exposed.

Reduced both team's overall spawn times.
Small changes to A.
Changes to the lobby outside of B to make it easier to not be pushed out of by Red.
Redo of B to give Blue more of a forward hold.