Asym2 cp_highground B7

Gravel Pit style uphill battle fun!

  1. B7 Out!

    Well, wrapping up details and optimization for Asym2. The game play's not the best, but I hope my first-timer ascetics make up for it. Good luck to all!
  2. B5 Out!

    Just some aesthetics done on A. Gonna finish up C and optimize and well be all good for winning hopefully something cool int he contest.
  3. B4 Out!

    Yeah that's right, two updates in the same day.

    Seriously I've mapped for eight hours today.
  4. B3 Out!

    I didn't wanna have to do ascetics yet, but time's tickin' away.
  5. That's right it's beta now.

    Didn't want to go into beta but time's a tickin' on the Asym2 clock.

    Anyway, I added a flank to A and refurbished C. C needs a bit more testing, as it may be too easy. In the meantime while I'm waiting for a test I'll go ahead and detail some. This is more of a lengthy and serious entry than I wanted but whatever.

    Ti'll next time,
  6. A11 Out!


    - Added a fun door gimmick that I'm not up for explaining right now
    - Hopefully improved C
    - Closed in B a bit
  7. A10 Fix

    Fixed a game-breaking flank route being damaged (Thank you to @Habber T Mancer)
  8. A10 Out!


    - Remade the transition between A and B
    - Pushed A and B closer
    - Reworked B's highground
  9. Out of Beta!


    - Redid B
    - Changed C's highground
    - Leak fixes
  10. Into Beta!


    -Changed BLU spawn a bit


    1. hl2 2016-11-11 19-12-39-31.jpg
    2. hl2 2016-11-11 19-12-52-61.jpg
    3. hl2 2016-11-11 19-12-56-57.jpg
    4. hl2 2016-11-11 19-13-04-39.jpg
    5. hl2 2016-11-11 19-13-10-85.jpg
    6. hl2 2016-11-11 19-13-23-31.jpg
    7. hl2 2016-11-11 19-13-28-91.jpg
    8. hl2 2016-11-11 19-13-37-06.jpg
    9. hl2 2016-11-11 19-13-42-79.jpg
    10. hl2 2016-11-11 19-13-48-76.jpg
    11. hl2 2016-11-11 19-13-53-36.jpg
    12. hl2 2016-11-11 19-13-56-38.jpg
    13. hl2 2016-11-11 19-14-06-32.jpg
    14. hl2 2016-11-11 19-14-13-49.jpg
    15. hl2 2016-11-11 19-15-04-45.jpg