Medieval cp_diversion B4

From plr to 3CP

  1. Beta 4

    Beta 4 is here! After long break, new version avilable for download
    20170826020025_1.jpg 20170826020050_1.jpg 20170826020106_1.jpg 20170826020216_1.jpg 20170826020245_1.jpg
  2. Beta 3

    Beta 3 is here

    Now 100% less dev textures
    Added more team colors in castles
    20170609055725_1.jpg 20170609055737_1.jpg 20170609055808_1.jpg 20170609055819_1.jpg 20170609055844_1.jpg
  3. Beta 2

    Beta 2 is here!
    New changes, based on your feedback, as usual
    Sorry for such a big gap between updates, had to do some bugfixes IRL
    20170604034009_1.jpg 20170604034012_1.jpg 20170604034025_1.jpg 20170604034035_1.jpg 20170604034043_1.jpg 20170604034122_1.jpg 20170604034149_1.jpg
  4. Its beta now!

    We are finaly in beta! It means that i can fully decorate my map! Yes!
    20170328200501_1.jpg 20170328200512_1.jpg 20170328200540_1.jpg 20170328200602_1.jpg 20170328200609_1.jpg 20170328200615_1.jpg 20170328200623_1.jpg
  5. Alpha 8

    Alpha 8 changeelog:
    -Some cosmetic changes around a map. Feels like next update should be beta...
    20170305013322_1.jpg 20170305013339_1.jpg 20170305013458_1.jpg 20170305013610_1.jpg 20170305013640_1.jpg
  6. Alpha 7 update

    Alpha 7 is here!

    -Changed gate sound to conch, to prevent earrape
    -Changed cap times
    -Added candles in lower flank
    -A bit of roof detailing
    -Fixed confusing non-solid rock
    20170221002849_1.jpg 20170221002909_1.jpg 20170221002920_1.jpg 20170221002929_1.jpg
  7. Alpha 6 update

    -Added a timer on last control points (like on cp_degrootkeep). When it ends, mid resets, and gate closes
    -Added round timer of 5 minutes. If it ends, round ends with stalemate
    -Capping mid adds 30s to round timer
    -Now lighting is not that depressing
    -Closed giant walls-gate-last sightline
    -Connected middle route and both flanks
    -Tweaked capturing times: mid is 5 seconds, last is 10 seconds, which means that losing team can cap mid before opponents cap last
    -Defending team now getting healed...
  8. Alpha 5 update

    -Massive detailing work around a map
    -Fixed clipping exploit
    -Once again changed capturing times: now its 10 on mid and 5 on final]
    -Added hiding spot in castle area
    -Added more cover on final
    -Added more lighting under a bridge

    I think i'm pretty sure about loadout. So, next update will be in beta, i think.
    20170208231014_1.jpg 20170208231041_1.jpg 20170208231101_1.jpg 20170208231122_1.jpg 20170208231141_1.jpg 20170208231238_1.jpg ...
  9. Alpha 4 update

    - Changed healthpacks near castle wall from medium to small
    - Spawndoor speeds increased
    - Capturing times changed: now its (F for final, C for central) F>C<F
    - Stone arches collision disabled
    - Added small barn near the C-Point
    - New flank routes straight into the castle
    - (I hope) Lighting is fixed
    - Removed weird stone wall props
    - F-Points moved
    20161028234830_1.jpg 20161028234845_1.jpg 20161028234854_1.jpg 20161028234901_1.jpg 20161028234914_1.jpg ...