cp_chateau x4

Single stage 2cp A/D

  1. cp_chateau_x4

    I went ahead and did the first texture pass on the whole map because why not. It should help explain the architecture a little better in addition to helping with players orientation in a few spots. The lighting is still just temp placeholder dev stuff though. I am also still open to any potential pathing reroutes or layout additions if needed. I just wanted to test it a few more times and I figured why not have the general texture concept in during those tests. (back of A area might need...
  2. cp_chateau_x3

    Most of this update is centered around A to B connector as it felt a little swiss cheese-y in the previous version so I redesigned the first half of it. I also changed red's B spawn's secondary exit to be further away from main spawn and on a suspended ledge. If it needs further help to stop potential spawn camping I have a few more ideas I can try.

    -raised fence next to suspended house's deck so if a blue player jumps to the roof it requires a second jump to reach the red entrance to...
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  3. cp_chateau_x2

    Chateau alpha 2!

    The changes and additions ive made to both A and B should remove a vast majority of the scale issues seen in the previous version. A now has some close range roof covered indoor spots for either red or blu to hold and a large displacement rock to block the main sightline while standing on the point. The combat ranges should also feel a lot better as well as heavies having more fun overall. There are a few spots in the map where I used 256 unit heights that might be better...