Chateau x8

Single stage 2cp a/d

  1. JeanPaul

    Set on a cliff blu must capture the estate before time runs out!

    Gameplay wise I had a few things I wanted to accomplish/try out with this map. First obviously being a solid layout and second being playing with player visibility via windows. The entire map features large windows with only one direction being see through. The windows at A give a slight advantage to red and the windows around B mostly give the advantage to blu.

    Cap times and time given on cap will probably be a little high in the first few versions and will be lowered as needed. I figured its better to have longer battles than shorter ones for the first few play-tests :p

    Start timer - 6 minutes
    A - 28 seconds to cap - 9 minutes given on cap
    B - 10 seconds to cap

    Im also aware there have been 1-2 other maps named chateau or something similar so I will use x for my version names (cp_chateau_x1)

    Very excited to test this!


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