cp_chateau x5

Single stage 2cp A/D

  1. cp_chateau_x5

    This version should fix the flow issue just after A capture, snipers having a bad time at B and the large number of surprise flanks at B. Blu also seemed to have too much advantage at B so instead of nerfing blues entrances into the area I buffed reds defense points.

    -converted the first little hallway house thing near blu spawn to a larger single room building with small balcony exits for a slightly better holding spot
    -lowered the walkable space inside the suspended building behind the point so it matches the one in front of the point
    -extended the suspended building behind the point to be a little further away from the cliff face

    -removed outer deck flank entrance into main hallway
    -opened up the main point area via removing those large wooden vertical beams on the windows, raising the bottom of the chandelier a bit, and adding another sniper window that views main entrance
    -added a red side plank entrance to chandelier
    -opened the room immediately to the right of the point (as red facing B) to have more advantages for red
    -added a sniper perch/very tall drop down to the point just outside red spawn to match blus tall entrance opposite. It rained blu onto the point before now it should rain red as well :p
    -unified the size and shape of the rooms surrounding the main point area
    -added a little bit of geometry to walk on and provide cover inside the two top surrounding rooms around B
    -removed back staircase (under red spawn)
    -blocked the floor windows under blus entrance into the area so its a little less confusing

    Pics of new stuff

    20200326002031_1.jpg 20200326002122_1.jpg 20200326002331_1.jpg 20200326002349_1.jpg
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