cp DegrootCreep b5

A spooky degroot reskin

  1. b5

    -reworked underworld
  2. b4

    -spawn times balancing
    -added spell to red spawn
    -longer C cap time
    -underworld attack tweaks
    -clipping fixes
    -better lighting
  3. b3

    -underworld no longer has a payload and doesn't tie into gameplay objectives anymore. It is now accessed by going in a deathpit.
    -no more rare spells on the surface, only underworld grants rare spells
    -slightly brighter lighting again
  4. b2

    -changed the underworld payload to be pushed by Blu. It now opens the keep gate after A and B. Keep gate is now back on a timer.
    -improved lighting
    -prevented projectiles/spells to go into blu spawn