Condemned B3

  • Added HUD Icons for current high and low bot spawns.
  • Shortened distance low right flank bots have to retreat if the gate closes.
  • Added .res file for hud icons.

  • Tree sentries have gone extinct

  • Fixed engineer zombies

  • Fixed erroneous nav mesh.
  • Mouse can longer steal the bomb.

  • Added more healthpacks.
  • Added jump to easiliy access back outdoor upper area
  • Fixed some nav errors.
  • Fixed some clipping.

  • Both missions, Nerfed Puke Bomber Zombies so they have weaker damage resists.
There's something ironic about fixing problems with a map called condemned and it's still condemned...

  • Fixed clipping.
  • Added missing gate indicators.
  • Changed gate blocking damage to 1 tick.
  • Nerfed upper balcony for engineers.
  • Added nobuild at gates.

  • Removed bleed from all ranged.
  • Weakened spies.
  • Applies nerfs changes to intermediate mission.
  • Made the boss more threatening.
  • Note: None of the ranged bots had a "damage bonus", they had regular damage or did less
  • Removed robot_zombies popfile as it was unused.
  • Fixed bots getting stuck in spawn.
  • Updated popfile names and added correct hotfix patch.
  • Minor clipping improvements.
it's beta 1.

New name. mvm_condemned.


-Added dropdown from outdoor 2nd level to first floor right gate.
-Expanded left outside front area.

Popfile Changes:

Intermediate and Advanced
* Nerfed the Puke Bomb Zombies and weakened the damage mutated zombies do. (You guys said for advanced but you can't have one be stronger than the other.)
* Removed Puke Bomb Zombies and Spitter Zombies bleed damage.

Wave 2:
* Police Zombie squads aren't gatebots anymore.
Wave 4:
* Barricade rush segment doesn't have every mutated heavy bot as a gatebot anymore.
Wave 5:
* Completely redid boss wave.
* Colonel Barrage reskin has been replaced with "The Fallen Priest"
* Military zombie support has been replaced with "Priest Zombies" and "Fallen Disciples".

* Changed zombies to match with intermediate and advancced nerfs.

Map Changes:

Gate raise speed now faster.
Enemy spies can not lower gates.
Made gates easier to shoot through.
Marked gate zones.
Fixed cases where gates don't raise.
Fixed zombies getting confused with gate 6.
Fixed up some bits of the nav.

a2a changelog is still included in changelog txt.

.zip also includes a labeled map layout for creating your own popfiles.


Popfile Changes:
  • Brand new popfiles by HeRp-A-dErP-a-NErp.eXe

Map Changes:

  • Moved position of gate 1.
  • Can now shoot through gates.
  • Reduced gates cooldown to 3 seconds from 5.
  • Added nobuild to stairs.
  • Slightly Altered cap area.
  • Altered back area of map.
  • Changed bomb return time to 15 seconds.
  • Fixed bombs not returning on wave end.
  • Fixed players getting trapped by friends.
  • Fixed doors failing to close on wave end.
  • New glass.

Known Issues:
  • Bots love to hug the wrong side of gate 6.
  • Bots sometimes die on gate 1.