Coarse a4

y'know, sand

  1. A4 is out

    Many changes this time
    • Buildings near A have all been made slightly wider for more gameplay space

    • Added a path on the red side of A that leads to the point's roof

    • Extended the wooden walkway on the left to connect to the building on the other side
    • Added a small area with a shack near BLU spawn.
    B Changes:
    • The flank on the right (previously a dropdown)
      can now be accessed for both sides

    • Aded a small dropdown near the point in the "Red...
  2. Not much, a3c

    I kinda need more feedback to do major changes
    *Added railings onto the wooden walkway
    *Made some parts of the broken window non-solid, so projectile classes have easier time shooting through it
    *Added a small bridge onto the hoodoo near last
    *Added some props to climb onto high ground
  3. do not ask about a3a

    a3b update
    Added a building near point A that allows BLU to clumb onto the point's room

    Added a random hoodoo near point B

    We do not speak of a3a

    whoops I need to hurry, no time to write other stuff
  4. Alpha: Episode 3

    Added another route to B for BLU
    Added some stuff to the area outside BLU spawn
    Added a walkway to RED building near A on BLU's left
    Who reads these
  5. changes

    reworked the space between points
    added a large building on the other side of point A bridge


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