Coal Valley A9

3CP a/d map.

  1. A9

    De Original
    -redone map theme
    -redone lighting
    -small detailing
    -redone window room near C
    -removed clipping from house hear A
    -simplified area on B
    -added health kit to balcony on B
    -improved optimization
    -added ammo pack in window room
    -small changes
  2. A8

    De Original
    -changed shape of second point
    -opened window room on third point
    -removed small health kit and ammo pack from third point
    -added medium health kit to third point
    -fixed cubemap bug
    -small bug fixes
  3. A7

    De Original
    -added reflection
    -added new path with health kit to first point
    -expanded space in house on third point
    -improved optimization
    -blocked some sight lines
    -changed area connecting first and second point
  4. A6

    De Original
    -added medium health kit near first point
    -lowered water level
    -changed red's last respawn
    -clipped stairs on second point
    -changed area around second point
    -added full health kit to last point
    -blocked window room on second point
    -blocked window room on last point
    -geometry changes
  5. Gameplay and Timer

    De Original
    -changed timer
    -flank door to the second point moved back
    -changed respawn logic
    -blocked window on third point
    -replaced small ammo pack on second point with medium one
  6. Gameplay and Little Detailing

    De Original
    -added death pit on flank near A
    -changed routes to C
    -increased water level
    -added tires near shutter
    -added new exit to red's last spawn
    -changed blu's last spawn
    -replaced vents with flank route
    -removed full health pack near death pit on C
    -improved optimization
    -fixed bugs
  7. A3

    De Original
    -redesigned last point
    -reduced playable area near blu's first spawn
    -removed third blu's first spawn exit
    -added detailing for some areas
    -added more cover near second point
    -replaced full health pack under first point with medium one
    -removed ramp on balcony
    -removed health and ammo from balcony
    -removed barricade from stairs to balcony
    -smoothed displacements on first point
    -windows near third point are now non solid
    -removes some sightlines near third and second point
    -wall near first...
  8. A2

    De Original
    -increased water level under first point(now you can extinguish yourself)
    -changed windows near third point
    -changed blu's first spawn
    -blocked path to balcony near first point while A isn't captured
    -changed third point
    -changed second point
    -changed dev textures' light reflectivity
    -now barrels are breakable
    -reduced playable area near third point
    -added displacements on third point
    -removed pipes from middle building near first point
    -health pack under first point changed from medium to...