Cleffa A3

A small. nighttime A/D Map. Started as a KOTH Map.

  1. Sniper is stupid

    norfolk terrier
    • Fenced + BlockBulleted a lot of the area by B
    • Removed a RED spawn exit
    • Added a BLU forward spawn exit
    • Added another route into the B building
    • Added some signs
    • Changed cap time for A
    • MORE
  2. A2 - The Cleffaing

    norfolk terrier
    • Removed some HP Packs
    • Changed cap times
    • Modified BLU Spawn
    • Modified bridge roof
    • Deepened the canyon
    • Added some random detail
    • Removed/added some lights
    • Adjusted capture point areas
    • Made forward spawn door 2 sided
    • and MORE